Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nicolas Cage

From a recent movie

     When it comes to artists, they are accepted by some and rejected by others. Nicolas Cage has seen both critical praise and criticism for his works throughout the years. I have chosen to represent Nicolas Cage because of how he is represented in our media culture today. I'm sure anyone reading this can think of at least one Nicolas Cage movie that they have enjoyed, maybe even in your list of top favorites. On the other hand, you can probably name more than one where he was ridiculous or too intense. The broad spectrum of roles portrayed by this actor is astonishing. Nicolas Cage has engaged the audience as a family man, crazed psychopath, dedicated officer, and anything in between. His particular style of acting is of his own design called "Nouveau Shamanic", and I believe that is why we have not seen anyone like him on screen before his time, and to date. -

(A well credited website which include some basic information about Nicolas Cage and filmography)

(A YouTube video showcasing some of Nicolas Cages greatest moment in film. Clip is about 8 minutes long and very entertaining)

(A subcategory on the social website called "Reddit", this is a great representation of Cage in our culture. This subreddit can be viewed as both mockery of the actor and great praise. Which seem to be the two camps associated with Nicolas Cage and his works.)

Portrait of Nicolas Cage