Friday, May 17, 2013

Ý Lan and Sand Painting

Trần Thị Hoàng Lan or Ý Lan, who was recorded in the Guinness book as a person who collected the most colors of natural sand in Vietnam.  She now has more than 80 natural colors of sand. Ý Lan uses sand to do sand painting. Her paintings are stunning, and she is called “The beautiful lady infusing a soul into the sand” or “The lady playing with sand”. There are some special features about her and her handicrafts. First, she has never attended to any art school. With her skill, she only needs a coffee spoon to pour different natural sands into different types of glass containers, creating many different pictures. For example, landscapes, calligraphy works, logos, religious themes, person portrayed the liveliness of the portrait and so on. Because using the natural color sand and not contain any agglutination  her sand painting will last for a supper long time. Ý Lan’s sand painting is considered as a unique art, and has been famous among Vietnamese people and oversea people. She has gained so many titles and certificates. 

Y Lan Magic Land (English language)

This is her own website, which contains more information about her and her art. 

ASEAN Ministers at Ha Noi were gifted their sand portraits made by Y Lan

Here are few of her sand painting: 

Minister Hillary Clinton

Prime Minister of New-Zealand_ Rt. Hon. Helen Clark

Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh)


(Back side)

Sydney Opera House

One-Piller Pagoda

Statue of Liberty

Another Y Lan's sand painting