Friday, May 17, 2013

Laidback Luke


Electric Dance Music, commonly known as EDM, has become an increasingly popular genre of music of today's young generation. EDM can be described as a socially, feel-good, heavy bass and drop, dance type of music. It's the type of music that has the ability to make you unconsciously start bopping your head to the beat. Laidback Luke's music sets, collaborations, and remixes are far from being 'laidback'. He is referred to as a 'Dutch heavy weight house master', presenting a unique style of house/dance music. He's made his name known all over the world where his Super You&Me events sell out wherever they're held. I first got the opportunity to watch him perform live this past Fall at USC's event Freaknight, an event where a collection of popular, well-known, or upcoming DJ artists perform and showcase their musical beats. As an amateur to EDM, this event was a great way to open my ears up to a multitude of EDM artists and Laidback Luke was definitely one that stood out. What I enjoy most about his style is his combination of electronic/dance/house with hip-hop/rap because it caters to my personal taste and liking of both genres. One source describes his style as being, "hyper-drive-house-step and ghetto-jack-trance-bass," which I think describes it perfectly. He's able to take a variety of musical genres of old and current popular, well-known songs and create a set that's definitely worth listening to!

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(If you're feeling a little 'stalker-ish' and wanna know what Laidback Luke is doing, feeling or thinking on a daily basis than you can follow him on Twitter and read his tweets/posts!)