Thursday, May 16, 2013

Georges-Pierre Seurat

Geoarges Seurat was a 19th century painter who developed the technique of pointillism. I find this style of painting very intriguing due to the immense amont of work involved and the effect the picture has on the viewer based on the distance that they are viewing the painting at. Not only is the style of painting very distict but I find the subject matter very intrigueing as well. Mant of Geoarges paintings are of are subtle images of life in the in the current state. Of his more famous painting, Sunday Morngning, as shown above is just trying to portray a day in the life at a typical beach in France. The scene itself is nothing in particular but it captures a moment of serenity where no photographs are available. Another painting, Entrance into the Harbor (shown below) is another great example of pointillism. I love the colors that are used and the calm feeling the the painting gives across. Geoarges Seurat is also known for starting a neo-impressionist school in France. Not only was he an amazingly detailed painter but a teacher as well.

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This website is a must for anyone wanting know get a brief description of Geoarges Seurat along with an online museum of all of his works.

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This is a website completly dedicated to Mr. Geoarges and only Geoarges (as the url implies). There are 240 of his paintings published on this website.

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This is a website published by Princeton University with detailed accounts of Geoarges Pierre Seurat's life (where he is from, hobbies, painting styles, older age). Very informative!