Monday, May 19, 2014

The Paintbrush Warrior

        Mark Henson

Few artists can parallel Mark Henson's talent with a paintbrush. His images challenge the viewer at the deepest of levels through erotic, provocative and rebellious images. Much of his artwork centers around dichotomies (such as nature and civilization, wealth and poverty) and highly suggestive sexual postures. As an artist, he is constantly challenging the observer to see beyond the preconceived notions of society and culture to see the beauty, purity and wonder of nature. Henson's views on war, society, religion, sex and other tabooed issues are made clear through the passionate pieces he has made. Because of his innovation, control and manipulation of color, style and technique, and conviction, Mark Henson's work will endure throughout the ages.

The March of Progress
This is a site created and maintained by the author himself. It explores his inspiration, photographs of his work, upcoming projects and much more.

Mark Henson is interviewed as a participant in the Alchemeyez Art Show in Hawaii. He shares his views and ideas about artwork and his inspiration behind his own.

                                             This is a 3:30 minute slideshow of Mark Henson's work. Many of his most extraordinary works are included in this collection. 

New Pioneers
Callie Norman