Wednesday, May 21, 2014

     Tokujin Yoshioka

By Amanda Newton

This is the artist’s general website, featuring news regarding recent exhibitions along with information about  numerous pieces. Found within are examples of Yoshioka’s works and his personal profile, discussing the wide variety of mediums that he utilizes; ranging from architectural design to installations and exhibitions.

This page provides links to articles pertaining to Yoshioka’s work dating as far back as December of 2003. Most of the relevant news regarding exhibitions, interviews with Yoshioka, articles that explore further into the creation of his pieces and technical aspects as well as the intent behind the works are all provided through the different links.


This site is another way of looking into Yoshioka’s recent works. It is a news website that highlights more of the major pieces and exhibitions that the artist has been a part of in recent years. Each of the articles provides a brief, technical description of the piece.

Tokujin Yoshioka encapsulates what I believe it means to be a relevant artist in modern times. He places no boundaries on what he will create; he is an author, graphic designer, architectural designer and product designer as well as working in exhibition installations. He has worked with numerous high-end companies ranging from car companies like BMW to fashion designers. He is well recognized in the community and has received many awards for art and design and has works displayed within permanent collections at several museums around the world (including the Museum of Modern Art in New York). However, it is not his high levels of success that make him so important in my eyes. Yoshioka experiments with sensory perception and breaks barriers for the way we participate with art. Like in experiencing his 2010 interactive installation entitled Snow, the observer feels that he or she is witnessing a snow storm around them, reminding them of the “snowscape of our memories and the beauty of nature which often exceeds our imagination,” (quoting his website).