Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ben Mann

The artist I have chosen is a local Bellingham painter named Ben Mann. Growing up in Bellingham I have been surrounded by Mann’s paintings in cafés, bookstores, gift shops and murals that find themselves around the community. As a novice artist myself Mann’s surreal style and use of bright colors has always attracted my eye. Unique to his paintings Mann uses a black backdrop on many of his paintings which he allows to show through the bright colors giving his paintings a timeless look. Another favorite part of his work is the use of different media he uses to paint on including dishes, mailboxes, old bread boards and more. As I have gotten older and have more expendable income I have actually invested in some of his work and proudly display it in my own home.

This website is Ben Mann’s personal webpage describing himself, his inspiration and gives some brief example of his work. The site also includes information about his murals and how to get in contact with the artist.

This website gives access to a long history of his painting from 2006 to the present in the archives section. It also gives information regarding current galleries and projects.

This websites provides a multitude of Mann’s current works, enables you to ask questions and sometimes he does open galleries at his own studio, this website will let you know when those galleries are.