Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chase Rice

After attending the country concert, Watershed, in George Washington the summer of 2014 I began to love Chase Rice and his work. I watched him perform at one of the smaller stages and the connection he made with the audience was so impressive. I was in the front row and he made sure to make eye contact with several audience members, even grabbing our hands. He was able to perform not only his own work but other artists' work as well. Some of the songs he performed weren't even the country genre which kept his performance fun and kept everyone engaged. I now follow him on some social media sites and he seems to truly love his career as a country artist.
This site shows all of Chase Rice's music. I like how it gives music videos and videos of him doing interviews.
This site tells a well detailed background of Chase Rice (his birthday, where he is from, what he is famous for, etc).
This site tells a lot about who Chase Rice is as a person and in his performances.