Sunday, May 15, 2016

Julie Andrews

A beloved actress and singer to all 

The link above is Julie Andrew's IMDB.  IMDB (International Movie Database) is the website that holds information about all movies, actors, producers, and directors etc. Julie Andrews, born in 1935, appeared in her first film called "The Singing Princess" at just age 14.  However, her first big film, and one that many of us know her from today, was made in 1964 about a nanny who not only provides care for the children but reintroduces happiness to the whole household.  This website has a full bio for Andrews as well as every film she's ever been in.  One thing to watch out for on this website though is that her filmography will not state all of the stage work she did.  If you read her biography on the website they'll talk about her success on broadway in "The Boy Friend" and "Cinderella", which were very important in the beginning her career.  

This is the Julie Andrews shrine on the internet.  This site really emphasizes Andrews' amazing skill in film, theatre, and song. This site, "created by fans for fans', also has links about what Andrews has been doing recently.  This is super helpful because you can find out all about her past and her productions and also what she is currently working on or appearing in.  The last thing she was seen doing was on directing the Australian production of "My fair lady".  I then also can see that Andrews starred in the same play in her 20s.  

Julie Andrews Biography Photo

Most sites tend to focus on the appraisal of Julie Andrews in her prime days as a performer rather than the tragic incident that changed her voice forever.  However, this site give a full bio from the start of her career, to right now, and explains the what happened during her throat surgery in her 60s and why she isn't that performer she used to be anymore. This site has great information from her older years.  She's become a bestselling children's author and is in great shape.  I'm personally excited for the current buzz going on about making another Disney film where she plays a fantastic queen and grandmother.  

Julie Andrews will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I feel that she is a grandmother figure to me just like she is to Mia in "The Princess Diaries".  Although I've been watching her since a very young age as I grow older I only appreciate her talents more and more.  Her legendary four octave voice is absolutely incredible.  She has such a grace to her that many other talented singers and actresses do not possess.  I'm so inspired by all the work she's done and her drive to continue working.  She will turn 81 this year and is just as busy as ever.