Saturday, February 18, 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio

For me, Leonardo DiCaprio has always been an inspiration and someone I admired from a very young age. Growing up and watching him on T.V and all of his award winning films was always something my family and I loved to do. Furthermore, whenever a film with him in it came out my family would all come together to watch it and it was one of my favorite things to do and some of my favorite memories. DiCaprio is known by the public for his edgy and controversial roles, which truly makes him an actor that really stands out. Even more, he did not just stop at acting, he from there went on and used his popularity and success to help make the world a better place. By making several speeches, creating a foundation and donating money to spread awareness of the environmental issues in our world today demonstrates some of the few accomplishments he has made in his lifetime and is the main reason I chose to write about him today.

1)This website that I chose demonstrates the life and biography of Leonardo DiCaprio, including when he was born, his acting career, environmental involvements and even his personal life. 
2) This next article I included focused more on what Leonardo Dicaprio has accomplished as an environmental activist and how he used his success and intelligence in film making to spread awareness to the world about the issues evolving today.
3) Lastly this is one of my favorite articles, because it discussed Leonardo DiCaprio’s long and well deserved wait to finally win an Oscar. Dicaprio received his first Oscar for the best actor in the amazing movie “The Revenant” which was about a man’s relationship to the natural world.