Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sarah Reich

Sarah Reich
Tap Dancer

Growing up tap dancing, I have taken classes from numerous professional tappers. The very first time I took a class from Sarah was about four years ago. Not only is she extremely kind and welcoming, but she is truly talented at what she does. Her musicality and rhythms are mesmerizing, and her personality shines on stage. She has done a lot of work with Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies, and most recently been on tour with the group Postmodern Jukebox (most known for their Youtube videos). Sarah's technical skills as a tapper are simply impeccable  and she is someone that I look to for inspiration as a tapper myself. 


This site includes all of Sarah's professional tap experiences. This includes her own company, Tap Music Project. More recently, Sarah has been teaching with (professional tapper) Melinda Sullivan as the Sole Sisters.

On this website you will be able to find all of the basic information on Sarah Reich. This includes general information like her birthday, birth place, as well as professional experiences and teaching locations. You will also find links to her social media sites.

This is Sarah Reich's official website. This is the most informative source on Sarah, with numerous photos, videos, performance history, and upcoming dates. There is also a lot of information about her history and what role she plays in the tap community.