Saturday, February 18, 2017

Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti is the artist I love the most. I own his limited edition CDs and DVDs. When I started performing operas as a tenor 5 years ago, I wanted to know who is the best tenor in the world. I soon found that Luciano had the most beautiful voice with the best singing techniques. He was not only the best opera singer but the best in many other genres as well. At his late years, he was very successful in cross-over singing. He performed with many pop singers like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey with great success. In my opinion, no one has influenced both classic and pop music like Pavarotti. He is my role model in any kind of singing I do.  
This is the official Luciano Pavarotti Website. There are lots of information about him 
including biography, discography and his performances. From the News section of 
the website, we can still find events about him.
This website features a list of his popular aria and more information about him.
This website offers some free music and videos of Pavarotti. I recommend you to try 
listening to his Caro Mio Ben!