Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club - a group of people that just so happen to be a band, that i consider very dear to my heart. They formed back in 2005, three of them meeting at school and then meeting the fourth member at a funeral. They were in a competition in 2006, and were one of the two winners - then being able to have a slight rise to fame. They include a wide range of musical instruments in their band, which is really awesome when trying switching things up and adding new elements to their songs. I find often that they have a song to match any kind of mood i am in, which is hard for a band to do. They are simple, not over the top and really focus on what matters the most - the lyrics. While they are know known among most of the United Kingdom and people with a more indie music taste, they haven't let fame get to their head. I saw them back in October in Seattle, and had the opportunity to meet three of the band members! They were so down to earth and easy to talk to, and didn't mind signing about every item i had in my purse. 

(above is two members of the band and i (Ed and Jamie).

#1. Their website - it's straight, simple and to the point! This is probably the most useful website about them. It has all of their news, tour info and merchandise in one easy spot!

#2. Their twitter - In a band, life is always go go go and you don't always have sufficient time to update your website, but updating a bands twitter is so simple and easy. Bombay Bicycle Club update their twitter constantly, which is the easiest way to keep updated with the most current information.

#3. NME is a magazine (also located online), which is a major journalism publication located in the United Kingdom. Seeing as BBC are a English band, there are countless articles written about them in magazines and on the web. I find it easiest to read fascinating articles about them on the web, seeing as a subscription to NME in print would be pricey seeing as i am overseas!