Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sleigh Bells

 “American noise pop” the second cousin of noise rock incorporates white noise, electro feedback, or a mix of two with traditional pop music instrumentation. American noise pop is the halfway house between the points that are avant-garde and bubblegum. Sonic Youth is the front running example of said genre and festivals such as the San Francisco Noise Festival are increasing in popularity, steadily since 1994.

Emerging from this grey area of white noise comes Sleigh Bells.

I am a fan. And then I am not a fan. This music is like a fair-weather friend, great somedays and then drives you to the bottle the next. I suggest that you challenge yourself to plug in, zone out, and decide for yourself if you are a lover or hater of all that is Sleigh Bells. Sleigh Bells have been featured on Primetime television shows as performers such as Saturday Night Live and have been included in the Gossip Girl series. Even with such huge accomplishments under their belt, they are still flying under the radar and a force to be reckoned with. 

The Web Presence of SB:

When you are in need of a Sleigh Bells fix, this is the sight for you. No nonsense. No ads. No confusing drop down menus and scrolly bars. The home page offers access to the SB shop, SB youtube account, SB on iTunes and SB tourdates. You have the option to get to their Facebook or Twitter. Simply stated, this is the ultimate Portal for all things Sleigh Bells.

As a Marketing student specializing in Social Media Marketing, I find this twitter feed extremely interesting. Sleigh Bells have 39,277 followers yet have not said a single thing! Call it a cult or tweet anticipation, this proves that creating a strong branded musical group can lead to numbers of fans of .. nothing? This sight is also a way to connect to Sleigh Bells Official Website,

Soundcloud is a great site to hear new music and more importantly playlists. Users connect with friends and post their original music, mix tracks, or simply complie playlists. This website is particularly interesting because users can post comments throughout a song. These comments are quite interesting to read, and often times give insight into related music or inspires readers to explore ideas that they may not have otherwise.

"Click click saddle up see you on the moon then
And all alone friend
Pick up their phones then
Ring ring call them up
Tell them about the new trends"     
            -Sleigh Bells, Rill Rill, 2010