Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Psy Park

Psy (Park Jae-sang) is a Hip-Hop singer from south Korea. "Gangnam Style" was the most watched video on internet and became a famous song known by the public. Psy was an active singer ever since 1999, and released his very first album on 2001 named "PSY from the PSYcho World!". However, I came to know him after watching his video "Gangnam Style" just like everybody else. I am not his fan, but I would like introduce him to everyone. Psy's song, Gangnam Style, does not only has a particular beat, but also very impressive dance moves that caught the attention of the public. Due to his catchy songs and entertaining dance moves, he caught the attention of the people, and became one of the most famous artist in the world.

I have an Asian ethnicity, and I somehow thought that he was only famous in Asia. However, one time when my friend was driving me home, he played the "Gangnam Style" song in the car. Hearing it, I was really surprised. Then I realized that he is not only famous in Asia or among Asian community, but the around world.

His song gave me a different perspective about people that speak different languages. No matter what languages people understand, they can communicate through their own preferences in music. In this case, Psy brought a lot of different people around the world to enjoy its dance and music.

Psy dances with Madonna

This site is Psy Park’s home page. It lists his filmography, biography, events and editorial, upcoming projects. Also, you can download his wallpaper and screensaver from here.  

There are numerous videos on YouTube featuring Psy in concert, flims, and music videos. It also links to his online shop for his fans.

His facebook page reports the every event he attend. His fans can comment on his post.