Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jay Chou is not only a really famous Taiwanese singer but also a songwriter, actor, director, and music and film producer. He was born in January 18th in 1979. Jay Chou’s composition combines traditional Chinese style and R&B. At the beginning of his career of entertainment, he had a really hard time because not so many people appreciated his talent. Fortunately, his friends and he entered in a talent show called Super New Talent King and it impressed Jacky Wu, who is an influential character in Taiwanese’s entertainment business. Jacky Wu gave him a chance and hired Jay and encourages him to perform more. Jay Chou became a well-known singer when he released his second album, Fantasy. Up to now, he has sold more than 175 million albums worldwide. Not only being a famous singer but he is also a successful actor. Jay portrayed Kato in a Hollywood movie, The Green Hornet.

                I started to listen to his music when I was in elementary school. My favorite song was Can’t Express Myself from his Fantasy album. Even though this song is not the most famous song in this album, the lyrics and the style of this song just touch my hard and it gave me a feeling of how hard to tell someone that you really love her. Other songs also impressed me a lot. His Chinese style music always surprised me especially for the lyrics. Vincent Fang is his songwriter and accounts for most of the lyrics in Jay Chou’s album. Every time I re-read the lyrics, it always gives me a different feeling and the use of meaningful. Sometimes those lyrics were written in the form of ancient Chinese history so that people are able to feel and experience history.


This is the Youtube video about Jay chou’s concert in 2010. There are also some famous singers from his company perform together. During the concert, he interacted with a really famous Hongkongese singer and it was my favorite part.

This is Jay Chou’s facebook page. It tells you the newest information so that everyone is able to know his new songs at the very first time. Also, you can also see his pictures and videos.

This website is about all the information about Jay Chou. You are able to see his profile, listen to his songs here, read the lyrics, and get to know his history. It is like his blog.