Thursday, May 17, 2018


                                         Ben Howard 

        Ben Howard is an English singer-songwriter. He is also know as being a musical composer. I was first introduced to Ben Howard in my sophomore year of high school. A friend of mine showed me his song called I Forgot Where We Were. I remember growing up and going on night drives that consisted of listening to Ben Howard. Ben Howard's music is very soft and uses a lot of guitar. I would classify his music as folk or indie folk with ambient rock. I really enjoy his music because it makes me reflect on my life and experiences that I have had in life. I usually gravitate to music that is "slower" and not as upbeat/happy. Some of his songs are more upbeat like Keep Your Head Up, while others like Promise have a slower rhythm and softer tone. I really enjoy how Ben Howard uses music to express the heartbreaks and trials that he has had in his life. I have an easy time connecting to the music, which makes it all that more enjoyable to listen to. I really recommend giving a couple of his songs a listen if you enjoy "calm" and music that brings you back to a certain moment in your life. 

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