Saturday, May 19, 2018


Rihanna is a huge inspiration to me. Not only is she a very talented singer and songwriter, she's outspoken about social issues that are important to her and uses her songs and stardom as a platform for that. She also has a very likable personality and I think a lot of her fans enjoy her very real personality that doesn't seem fake or like she's trying to be someone she isn't. One thing i like quite a bit about her is that she has started to act in the movies in the last few years and she's quite good. So i'm looking forward to seeing how she grows in this aspect.
This is her personal site that has a lot of information on her, including pictures and songs. I especially like the background she'll give on some of her songs and her inspiration for them.
Here's some background on the new Ocean's 8, movie which features 8 female protagonists, one of which is Rihanna. As i said above, this is something that is relatively new for her and it'll be interesting to see where she takes this.
This page just has some general information about her career and life not from Rihanna's own viewpoint. Her family life is pretty interesting to hear about.