Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra Nechita is an artist was born in Romania in 1985. She began drawing at the age of two years old. By age 12, her paints were comparable to that of Picasso.  She has been awarded with awards such as "Woman of the Year", "Outstanding Artist of the Year: Painting", "20 Teens Who Will Change the World", and many more. My family has 2 or 3 of her paintings that we bought while in Hawaii. Her paintings are inspiring because they tell a story and each one has a different context. I admire her because she is a young woman who has paved her way in the world of art. Even at a young age, she showed the world her talents and began selling her pieces.

Here are some links about Alexandra Nechita:

This website it Alexandra Nechita's own website that she personally updates. Her biography, blog, works of art, and news about her are on available to see.

The link above is a website where you can see her paintings and sketches that are available for sale. You can view the prices and make offers on her art. Also there is a little blurb about her and her background.

This link is to site that tells viewers a little bit about her childhood and her accomplishments at a young age. Also you can view certain pieces of art with the context behind them.

The link above is to a YouTube video about Alexandra Nechita. It tells about her childhood life and then shows her process in painting a picture.