Wednesday, August 7, 2013

David Choe

Street artist David Choe is an American artist who's graffiti style pieces amaze me .  His art has a unique urban style which demonstrates his creativity and versatility. A multi-talented artist, Choe expresses his style through the use of acrylics, ink, pencil, photography, sculpture, oils, murals and mixed media.  Although Choe has a vast array of mediums he expresses himself through, my favorite pieces are his mixed media works.  The diversity in his "mixed" art gives it a surreal look with a hint of reality.  Choe's style is what draws me to his work.  The messy, rough and abstract style which his paintings contain is what makes me admire his work so much.  His style is so original and different he was asked to do murals on the walls of the Facebook offices before the company became well known.  Instead of being paid in cash (60,000 dollars) he took a risk, and asked to be paid in stock.  When the company became publicly traded in 2012 his stocks grew to around 200 million dollars.  It's not because David Choe is worth so much money being the reason I admire his art work, but because his work is unique and different.  His ability to produce such different artwork has made him become one of my favorite artists.

This is david Choe's personal website, which allows you access to his blog, art, contact information, biography, and more.  I especially liked this website because it organizes his art work by medium used.
This website gives us a perspective on how different David Choe is from other street artists.  It also states how Choe's art is a criticism of government and society.
This is a great website going in depth about the style of David Choe's art.  It also gives us a slight look into the artist's daily life, which I find very interesting.

- Nicolas Terentjev