Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dean Crouser

I literally stumbled upon the art of Mr. Dean Crouser while on vacation this summer in Seaside, Oregon, with my family. There is a wonderful art gallery set up in one of the newer street-side shops, with tall windows displaying all sizes of portraits, landscapes, and artists' own work. After walking through the doors, one's eyes are drawn in all directions. With so much to see, it's a wonder I didn't miss Mr. Crouser's art displayed on a knee-level shelf. But stubbing my toe on said shelf ended up bringing my attention to Mr. Crouser's colorful watercolor prints. There were clear-packaged greeting cards and large portrait- and landscape- formatted frames displaying prints of his art. The vivid colors and details of the wildlife he had painted took my breath away. I could have looked at Mr. Crouser's pieces for hours, wondering at their vibrant realism. I believe he is a great example of a master of watercolors.  Dean Crouser lives in Gresham, Oregon, with his family, and his art is the way he makes a living. His art is enjoyed by many, around the world. He uses his experiences of growing up and living in Oregon to create his unique watercolors.
Here is Dean Crouser's homepage, including art currently for sale, ordering options, and background information on himself and his art.
This is Mr. Crouser's "shop" in Etsy, with more pictures of his work and the option to order anything that catches your eye.
On Pinterest one has the ability to view many large and high definition pictures of Dean Crouser's art.