Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kristen Wiig

One of my favorite artists in the film world is Kristen Wiig. She is best known for starring in the hilarious movie Bridesmaids. Kristen was also a main cast member on Saturday Night Live. She has also appeared in many other comedic television shows and movies. She does so well in the comedy world because she is a very funny person herself and does so well acting in weird and awkward roles. One of the main reasons I like Kristen so much as an actor is that she is so good at on the spot, improvised moments. My friends and I will quote our favorite lines of Kristen to each other, she has become an inside joke in my life. She makes me laugh all the time and I get so excited whenever I see her on the screen.
I love this website and I use it several times everyday. But this link is directly for Kristen Wiig. It includes a biography for Kristen's life, photos, and videos. But the main function of the site is to list all of the film that an actor has been in. There is also a lot more that this website holds, so if you haven't used it before I recommend exploring the site to see all of it's capabilities.
This is a fan created website dedicated to Kristen. It has almost all the information that exists for her. It includes a bio, career history, and photos. But one of the main things that I find interesting about this website is that it has a video archive with almost everything that Kristen has appeared on, transcripts of all of her acceptance speeches, and audio clips of interviews and more.
Like the IMDB website for Kristen, this site includes her full filmography. But Wikipedia has a lot more information on Kristen's life before her acting career, and her personal life. This site clearly shows all of the awards that she has been nominated for and the ones she has won.