Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a professional photographer in the 20th century and was considered to be a father of photojournalism. A lot of his work was street photography with a candid approach. Henri uses a 35 mm film camera and rarely edits his photos. Cartier-Bresson started his art career with painting, but then after seeing Martin Munkacsi's photographic work, he was inspired to take photography more seriously. Henri's first photo journalist photos were published in 1937 when he covered the event of the coronation of King George VI. He also photographed Ghandi, Maralyn Monroe, as well as other major political events. The political images were used in TIME magazine and LIFE magazine. He also did some work for VOUGE. Henri Cartier-Bresson eventually started his own organization called Magnum with his other contemporary artists. 

Henri eventually went back to his routes and starting painting and drawing again, but was still known for his photography more than anything. After he passed away, his family started a foundation in his name to keep the spirit of his work alive, and to inspire other photo journalists  He is one of my inspirations and I look up to his work.
"To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It's a way of life."

This website gives a large overview of Henri Cartier-Bresson's life. Who he worked with, where he went to school, his personal life, and of course his photography.

This link is the foundation that his family put together in honor of him. You can find a majority of Cartier-Bresson archives, biography, and other aspiring artists' work.

This website is the organization that Henri started up with his fellow artists. This is a large archive of art work, and it is still a working organization today.