Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Joel Zimmerman also known as "Dead Mouse" is a house/trance electronic music producer who has been producing music since around 2005. He is one of the few DJ's who still popularizes and produces non-vocal melodic trance type songs and is most widely recognized for his trademark large light up mouse head that he wears on stage at shows. Some of his most popular main stream titles include vocals featuring other artists such as "Ghosts 'n Stuff ft. Rob Swire" and "I Remember ft. Kaskade". Deadmau5 has yet to win a grammy despite his five nominations but still has hope due to his young age of 32.

This is a soundcloud page that features many Deadmau5 songs for free to get a feel for the style of music this artist produces.

Here is the official bio of Deadmau5 on his website this bio shows a timeline with major events in his career and a short biography. The site also includes sample videos information about releases and a store to buy DeadMau5 memorabilia.

This is a link to google images which showcases his amazing stage sets. One of the most encapsulating things about deadmau5 is the amazing stages he has for his shows.