Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse is one of the greatest choreographers and directors ever. He changed the way dance was viewed in the late 20th century on stage and in film. Fosse started as a dancer with his first Broadway performance in 1950 in Dance Me a Song and later moved to choreographing when his acting career stalled out. Fosse was an overnight success with his first fully choreographed show The Pajama Game, in 1954. The Pajama Game highlighted his trademark style: sexually suggestive hip-thrusts; hunched shoulders and turned in feet; the articulation of hands and the infamous jazz hands. Today his style is known as the “Fosse” style. He received a Tony Award for Best Choreography for The Pajama Game, and it would not be his last either. Fosse become a nationally known and respected choreographer by 1960, and no longer liked taking orders from producers and directors. They didn’t think his signature style was appropriate and wanted to take it away, so Fosse decided to direct as well. He directed and choreographed a total of eight musicals between 1956 and 1966. One of his greatest Broadway hits was Pippin, 1972; Fosse received five Tony Awards for Pippin, including best direction and choreography, both awarded to him. He won a total of eight Tony Awards for choreography and one for direction, in addition to being nominated for an Academy Award four times over his career. Fosse died on September 23, 1987 after a rehearsal for the revival of Sweet Charity. In April 2007, Fosse was inducted into the National Museum of Dance.

The above link features biographical information about his professional career, including a list of shows he has worked on. The picture comes from this website.

This video various clips of Bob Fosse dancing ranging from 1949 to 1962.

The above link also features biographical information about Bob Fosse's life but also includes more information on Pippin, and sells videos of his work.