Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Silversun Pickups

The band known as the Silversun Pickups (or SSPU) was first introduced to me in high school by my older brother. The way he described them to me made it sound like they were some sort of folk band, mostly because he used very vague terms. But when I finally got their music and gave it a listen, I was blown away. SSPU had a sound full of energy and grit, framed by refinement and technique. Admittedly, they do sound a bit like the Smashing Pumpkins, as many have pointed out, but I find myself so much more drawn to SSPU.

I think quite a few people know about this band, but I decided to share them with the blog for those people who hadn't and because the few songs that were popular a while back, like with any artist, just do not cover the spectrum of amazing music they've put out. Their first release was an EP, Pikul, and they followed with three albums released by Dangerbird Records: Carnavas (2006), Swoon (2009), and Neck of the Woods (2012). There's a bit of change and progression from one album to the next, as expected with any group, but for the most part, I describe their music as swarthy, mainstream rock. Check it out if you can!

Official Band Website: You can find all sorts of stuff (photos/videos/tour dates/merch/bio info/etc) directly from the source.

The MTV web page on the Silversun Pickups: it has some videos on their music, interviews, or otherwise, as well as a MTV Unplugged performance.

Three sites (Paste, LA Times, and Pitchfork) with reviews on SSPU albums: not everything said on these sites is as nice as what I said, but I thought it would only be fair to include critical feedback on both ends.

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