Sunday, February 23, 2014


 I've chosen to share my love for Blind Melon with the class. Shannon Hoon (lead singer and songwriter) is my greatest inspiration. His lyrics resonate with his bleak perspective of the world and dark sense of humor. However, he writes songs with an upbeat tempo and you simply can't resist singing along. His music seems initially cheerful until you are able to fully comprehend his message. I feel as though I relate to him and his view of the world. He allows me to have this somber perspective, enjoy a wonderful tune, and his unique, incredible voice all at the same time. It certainly makes it seem less sad.

Here are some websites that only merely capture his greatness:

This website gives you a history of Shannon Hoon. It begins at his birth and visits subjects like his role as a father and his heavy drug abuse.,,299375,00.html

This Entertainment Weekly Article announces his death.,2370344

This article also announces his death. More importantly, it delves into the effects of Hoon's drug use on the band, Blind Melon.