Sunday, February 23, 2014


Although there was an immeasurable amount of classical composers I was thinking of writing about, there is one band I've been listening to all week and I've really forgotten how much I love their material... So, why not?! Somewhat out of the blue, I felt the urge to listen to all the Radiohead I have in my collection. Since there are at least a million and one articles written about Radiohead (they've been around for 28 years) I figured I’d write a quick blurb dissecting their album OK Computer. I mean, it is a masterpiece after all…

OK Computer really kicks off with quite a mixture of sounds with the song “Airbag”, and leaves the average person wondering what might be coming next. The first 20 seconds alone contain bells that hit on every measure, distorted guitar, and cello to fill the low end. Yorke’s signature vocals arrive soon after and follow its very own melody, offering even more interesting divergences to the song. It really sets your expectation of what the rest of the album is going to sound like and this is what precisely keeps you looking forward to the next interval of music.

Throughout this album, Radiohead continues to return to references of technology, political agendas, insanity, and even death. An obvious sentiment of detachment is set, and docilely necessitated by a ‘computerized’ voice droning on about societal standards (“Fitter Happier”). “Exit Music” also really accurately presents this absent sentimentality because of its very disconsolate demeanor and soft instrumentation. Nevertheless, OK Computer is not all somber annotations and gratuitously depressing sentiments. It is apparent that emotional sensations of highs and lows are meant to be experienced throughout the composition, and not just seeming dark overtones. A lot of the foremost vocal melodies seem to almost always evolve into falsetto singing that is fated to give most listeners feelings of contentment or resolution (or is that just me?).

In any case, the album really offers a mixed bag of spirits and personally resonates with me in many different ways. Below are just a few articles I found about the band… Enjoy! (Interesting look how Radiohead is involving phone and tablet applications with their music.) (An interview with the guitar player Johny Greenwood, pertaining to current guitar methods and techniques. This is a quick must read for you musicians out there!) (The bassist Colin Greenwood talks about the indie venues that Radiohead played in their early days.)