Monday, February 17, 2014

Claude Monet

When I was a little girl, my parents bought me a children’s book about Claude Monet (I took it everywhere with me). As soon as I caught glimpse of his famous series called Water Lilies, I was hooked. Ever since that moment, Monet has been an influential figure on my artwork. His paintings encapsulate nature in its purest form, which I find absolutely stunning. Years of practice and dedication raised Monet to a renowned artist who introduced a drastically different way of portraying the life around us. This last summer I traveled with my family abroad, and we were able to visit Monet’s house in Giverny and see the famous spot where he painted his series, Water Lilies. It was an incredible experience! After being there, my appreciation for his work grew even more. His role in the impressionist movement has continued to inspire me in my ventures with painting and reminds me that criticism nurtures growth. 

Links for additional information: 

This is an all around sight! It lists the museums on a global spectrum that carry Monet’s paintings. The link has an expansive gallery of his numerous works with their titles, sizes, and locations. Finally, it lists modern day news about all that is happening with Monet’s paintings and has an informative biography about his life. 

In all of my research of Monet, I was ignorant about his enjoyment and love for wonderful cuisine. I appreciated how this sight not only focused on his painting career but also on him as an artist for food. This link offers wonderful quotes and pictures; one becomes more acquainted with the man behind the art.

Given we can’t all fly to Paris on a whim, here is a fantastic interactive website journeying through Monet’s artwork. With this online exhibition, one is able to experience his paintings in a unique and interesting manner. 

(Monet's representation)

(The actual sight - a picture I took in Giverny)