Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews is a South African singer-songwriter, and lead vocalist and guitarist of the Dave Matthews Band, which began in 1990. He has also released several solo works, including Some Devil, of which the song Gravedigger won a Grammy 2004. I personally chose Dave Matthews because of his incredibly unique perspective on life, which shows through in his music.  His unusual upbringing and past have allowed him to craft a perspective and music that has been so influential in my life, and surely in the lives of others.

Dave Matthews Band Official Website
This link will take you directly to the Dave Matthews Band website, where you can view information on upcoming shows, tours, albums, see photos and videos, follow the artist on various social media sites, purchase clothing and other band-themed items, and even listen to their music. What I especially like about the official Dave Matthews website is the gallery of photos they have to browse. The gallery features photos and videos from a wide variety of their shows in different cities and venues. The passion the band members have for their music is evident in every picture and frame of the gallery, allowing you to experience the music visually in addition to experiencing it audibly.

Dave Matthews Biography
This link will take you to a detailed biography of Dave Matthews. Here you can read all about the artist's past, his early work, and the formation of the band and follow their work and how it has evolved throughout their long history of success.

The Devil in Dave Matthews: Rolling Stone's 2004 Cover Story

This link will take you to an amazingly insightful article and interview Rolling Stone published in 2004 right before Matthews was to release his first solo album, Some Devil. This album has a central theme of death throughout all the songs. This interview and article sheds some light onto the making and the mental state (in Matthew's own words, "tormented") behind the artist's first solo work. It would seem the singer's past with death (his father, sister, and childhood friends all passed away during his childhood) has had an immeasurable effect on his work.

This link will take you to the Dave Matthews Band YouTube channel. Here, you can explore countless videos of the band performing, interviews, and more. I highly recommend watching any of the videos of the band performing, because it is by watching them play that you can experience the passion, the talent, and the love they hold for their music, which I think is an amazingly beautiful thing.  The way they play together is seamless and lovely.  By watching them play, you can fully experience their music.