Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lucas Pope

Papers Please is a video game by Lucas Pope where you play as border guard who inspects the paperwork of travelers coming into your country which is inspired from the USSR. The game has you balance the moral problems of the people coming into your country while being the only working member of a family of five. The unique mechanic for the game is that you spend the entire time doing paperwork in a shack for the whole game but it remains engaging.

Papers Please has become quite famous as a game that is a work of art for the emotional impact it has.

In this interview Lucas Pope explains his thinking behind his game.

Papers Please shows the capabilities of video games as art in many ways. In the simplest way it changes the options of methods of gameplay as the game being a paperwork simulator is unique in the games industry. In a more complex way Paper Please shows how video games can be a life that you live and experience to show you the struggles of the people in the world. This game how ever is not my favorite example of a game as a work of art though one of the more famous. My problems with the game are that I am too good at it and the great aspect of this game is balancing act of providing for your family or helping other if you are really good with comparing paperwork. My other problem is that large parts of the game are procedural generated and while this gives replay value and I do shed a tear for the handcrafted parts it is hard to feel emotional for ones and zeros. Despite all of this I do feel that this game got the respect it deserves and my opinions are person really.