Friday, February 13, 2015

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, born Stephani Germanotta, is a very controversial singer/songwriter in today's world of music. Society focuses on the very exotic and flamboyant costumes and outfits that she wears and the bizarre performances she puts on, but what most people don't realize is just how talented and devoted to her fans she is, as well as her leadership and involvement in the LGBT community. After I heard her first big hit "Just Dance" in 2008, I have loved watching old performances, watching interviews, and attending her concerts. Lady Gaga stands for equality and the celebration of diversity, and I believe she is an excellent role model and hero for many people around the world. 

In the following article, New York Entertainment describes the life of Lady Gaga. It focuses on her upbringing, her climb to fame, and her image. Though it is a bit outdated, There is some great information straight from Gaga herself about what she was like growing up, and how hard she worked to get to where she wanted to be.

In this article, Lady Gaga's participation in the LGBT community is addressed. It mentions her own sexuality, as well as the nonprofit antibullying organization that she developed. Lady Gaga is very outspoken about her opinions on gay rights and about being yourself. This article gives examples of all the things she does to prove herself.,1
Lastly, I think it is really important to show an early performance of Gaga before the fame. This is one of my favorite performances, as it shows her raw talent, as well as her passion for music.

Lady Gaga may be just a pop star to you, but to me and many others, she is a role model. Not only is her music upbeat and fun, but the messages within the songs, and Gaga's activism in human rights is truly inspiring. She walks the walk, as well as talking the talk, and is much more than just a strange woman in a meat outfit. Be yourself, celebrate others, and just dance.