Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sam Hunt

Spreading the Music

Sam Hunt started his early high school and college years focused on athletics.
As he felt his passion grow he decided to head to Nashville and try his hand in the music industry.
Starting with little knowledge of the business aspect of music Hunt has made a large
wave in through the creation of his unique sounds. Writing for well known artists such as Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, and Billy Currington, Hunt has successfully integrated himself into the industry as both singer and song writer. His unique blends of country, R&B, hip hop, and gospel have earned him captivated audiences and number one hits.
As an avid country music fan I was immediately drawn to his music. His unique style and ability to blend multiple musical genres seamlessly has drawn followers with a variety of musical tastes.
It has also created controversy between fans as to whether or not his music fits into the category of country music or whether it should be deemed something else.
Even for those who are not interested in country music,
from the soft sounds of Hunts acoustic recordings to his more R&B and pop styles,
 I recommend taking the time to listen and form an opinion.

ACM Awards 50 Years

This website is an overall picture of Sam Hunt. It discusses the misconceptions often associated with Hunt’s career and delves into his childhood and first explorations in country music. It outlines his late discovery of his love of music and composition.


Sam Hunt Plays Down-home Diplomat of Edgy Country Music

I found this online article to have great reviews of songs written by Hunt for other artists and his own albums. It discusses his struggle with his own armature style and his partnerships with more “refined” song writers. It also discusses his transition from his career as a college athlete to a musician in Nashville. 


Sam Hunt: Debut Spotlight

This article spotlights Sam Hunt’s debut on the country music scene. It also discusses artists he has worked with and written songs for. The majority of the article is focused on his interests and inspirations, other artists he follows, and the influences of his family on his career.


No Really, Sam Hunts "Montevallo" is NOT Country

Another interesting article I found focuses on the differentiation between country music and other genres. There are posted opinions on whether or not Hunt’s music is considered country or pop. There are comparisons to other artists that have previously switched genres. If people are interested in reviews of Hunt’s music and style this is a good place to look. It discusses the effect of songs labeled as country that should be labeled as something else on the “identity” of country music as a whole.