Sunday, February 22, 2015


A talented and ground breaking artist, July has worked in the mediums of film, sculpture, and writing, through short stories and a new novel, as well as through musical and performance art endeveors.
She is known for her idiosyncratic style, which unites her work in varied fields into a whole, and makes it possible to that they are all the work of one artist. She is most well known for her film "You, Me, and Everyone We Know", although she just released her first full length novel

This is Miranda's website, which is a great place to keep up on her constant and varied projects. In addition to her large endeveors, such as her two films and her novel, she has constant, and usually very interesting, side projects. One of her most recents is an app called Somebody, which allows you to send a message to a person by it first going to a stranger in close proximity to them, who then tells the  intended recipient verbally what your message is. 

This website has a very interesting selection of interviews with Miranda, which are all from one sitting, but are conveniently split up into short segments by subject. This allows the viewer to pick which ones are the most interesting to them and skip around between subjects. Miranda discusses her approach to art, her childhood, and her impending motherhood. She is very open, and has a way of bringing you in to her inner world easily and insightfully. 

Miranda's most recent project, "The First Bad Man",  is a full length novel that was published earlier this year. This was an exciting new endeavor for her, and this review gives a good synopsis of what the book is about, as well as a feeling of her unique writing style. One excerpt it highlights: "At its best, the system gives me a smoother living experience. My days become dreamlike, no edges anywhere, none of the snags and snafus that life is so famous for. After days and days alone it gets silky to the point where I can't even feel myself anymore, it's as if I don't exist."

Mirand's Twitter is always a good place for insights and laughs.