Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mariyln Monroe: Actress, singer

Norma Jeane Mortenson
"Marilyn Monroe"
Marilyn was the most beautiful actress in the film industry in the 40's and 50's. There were so many people amazed by her beauty and the way she carried herself. She had a passion in acting and wanted to find the love of her life, however, she failed a few marriages due to her career and also being a sex icon.

Not only was Marilyn a sex icon and an amazing looking woman who loved acting, there are stories of her life many people don't know including how she grew up and what she was dealing with during her time. Because of the amazing/not so easy life, this makes Marilyn more than just an icon, but a strong woman who fought for her life.

Around the time Marilyns life ended, there were circumstances that had lead her to this point. People in the industry started making negative comments and talking down to Monroe. She had producers who loved her, and some who just took her a joke, though, she never lost her humor and kept smiling. There were definitely a lot of events in her life that made her shut down in a way that she never presented.

Monroe bloomed in the film industry more than anyone and enjoyed every opportunity. She had a passion that people could see and some forgotten, which made indivuduals want to be just like her, and still to this day. She was 36 when she had passed and was in the industry for 16 years being in almost 30 films. Despite the look of being a sex symbol, Monroe was a girl who fought for her career and carried on strong no matter what tribulation she faced.