Saturday, November 9, 2019

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Music has always been more significant to me than just some tunes to groove to or sound to have on in the background. Certain artists, albums, and songs are staples of my own personal history, as they cement periods of my life forever in a nostalgic musical memory. Calvin Harris is one of those artists that I have listened to for so long, that each one of his songs represents different eras in my life. He is a Scottish DJ who also writes, produces, and sings on songs he makes with other artists, as well as his own songs. He is most famous for producing the song with Rhianna called "We Found Love", which was the longest lasting #1 single of 2011. I really appreciate in an industry of saturated music and similar sounding artists, it is a breath of fresh air to hear Calvin Harris's unique style of DJ'ing and his iconic voice. He also has a way of being completely universal in his ability to collaborate with a wide range of artists, having each song sound completely individual to the accompanying artist.

This first song is a perfect example of a classic Calvin Harris style beat. It is very melodic in its rhythm, and the addition of Ayah Marar's vocals is unmatched in its perfect unity.

This song reminds me of being 19 years old in the Marine Corps, and living in the barracks with all of my buddies. This song had just came out and it was always played in clubs we went to or parties we threw.

This song was one of Calvin Harris's most remixed songs he ever created. This song was played a lot in clubs when I lived in Liberia, which a lot of African DJ's would put their own cultural addition to remix the song.