Sunday, November 10, 2019

Jean Isamu Nagai

Jean Nagai

I first found Jean Nagai while on instagram my freshman year of college! I really enjoy all of his paintings, and feel like I always feel something, or kind of relive a memory! I think a lot of his paintings are meant to be depictions of nature, but using exaggerated colors and forms. I also really love that Nagai has a theme of pointillism through most of his work, which give him a cohesive style, and allows for all of the paintings to be different. Nagai started out in Olympia, which is in my home state so I also feel a certain sense of pride that something I think is so cool is coming right out of my home!

Today, I think art is becoming far more accessible than it has in the past! Nagai is a great example of this. He is from a small town (Olympia, WA) yet I was able to discover a plethora of information about him from 5+ websites right off the bat. He has multiple interviews in smaller journals, as well as a few with bigger sites! 

Jean Nagai, Tone Police (2018)

I think that this interview is a good example of Nagai's laid back perspective on art and life. The interview has some work from about 5 years ago, that shows his sillier side! I think it's cool to have references to points in time for an artist, to see how they grew. 

Jean Nagai, Sage (2017)

This second interview took place in 2017, and I think it shows Nagai's development as an artist. Here he talks more about the intent behind his paintings and  delves deeper into his own personal philosophy. There are a lot more landscape type paintings here, that I think kind of mark a shift in his interests!

Jean Nagai, Avalon (2018)

This is the most current interview of the three I have selected, and to me this is Nagai at his most formed! The interview has a lot of information about Nagai's influences and themes. I think the opening paragraph does a good job of summing up what Nagai's painting put out!