Monday, November 4, 2019

Derek Hough

Derek Hough

Derek Hough is the performer I strive to emulate since 2013 when I first saw him and his sister Juliane Hough on Dancing with the stars. Not only is he charismatic, he is diversely talented. Derek is a professional dancer, choreographer, best selling author, singer, and actor. His passion for dancing is what propelled me into performing as a young teen. As I have grown up I watched him enter into my favorite roles in musical theater such as Corny Collins from Hairspray. I particularly look up to his attribution to the show Dancing with the Stars. He used his skills and technique to turn celebrities that are no where near professional dancers into just that, helping them shine and grow as performers in their own skin.

This website is home to the Derek Hough Live Tour dates and information about him as a performer as well as his history and credentials. He is currently one of the only dancers to be performing solo around the world.

This is Derek's biography which include details about his childhood, dance back ground, movies he has been in, theater productions he has choreographed, and his current place as a judge on "World of Dance."

This page is from the Dancing with the Stars website on ABC. It tells us a bit about Derek from when he was a pro dancer on the show. This was meant for people watching the show to get to know the pro dancers that the celebrities would be dancing with.