Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Country Music with Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert was born November 10, 1983.  She is known as an American country music artist who gained her fame on the 2003 season of Nashville Star where she finished in third place.  Miranda made her debut in 2005 after the release of, "Me and Charlie Talking," which was her first single from her album Kerosene.  Kerosene was certified Platinum in the United States.  This album also contained three more singles, "Bring Me Down," "Kerosene," and "New Strings."  All four songs mentioned so far all made the Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Song charts.  Lambert continued her work and in 2007 managed three more singles to make the Top 20 hits, with "Gunpowder & Lead" being her first Top 10 country hit in July 2008.  "Famous in a Small Town," and "More Like Her" were the other two that joined "Gunpowder & Lead" in the Top 20 hits.  By September 2009, her third album, Revolution, was released.  From that album, Miranda had two number one hits, "The House That Built Me," and "Heart Like Mine."  "The House That Built Me," spent four weeks as number one.  All of these things lead Lambert to be honored by the Grammy Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Country Music Association Awards.  In 2011, Miranda Lambert married a fellow country singer and best friend, Blake Shelton.  This country girl is worth sharing because I find her an inspiration.  She is successful, loved, happy, and doing something for a living that she loves to do along side the person she loves.  But what I love most about Miranda Lambert is the music she writes.  Country music is usually a genre that I enjoy listening to and connecting with but there is something about Miranda's music that allows me to fully experience it in an emotional way.  Her music tells stories that I am able to connect with and relate to allowing me to enjoy the music significantly. 

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