Sunday, May 13, 2012

Frank Lloyd Wright


       This Link shares some of the work Frank Lloyd Wright has accomplished over the years. They have a section of each building he created as a hyper-link you can click on to view images of the model; as well as where each model is located. On this link they also give you a brief biography of Mr. Wright as an architect and how he began as well as him as a person and his life.

     This Link shares with us what the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation is and what they are able to offer as far as schooling and to those aspiring architects of the future. The website as well gives a background of Mr. Wright and his life's work.
     This Link gives us a brief description of who Frank Lloyd Wright is and about his work over the years. The brief description of him explains how he became a famous architect for the work he did.

    Frank Lloyd Wright is always the first thing that comes to my mind when i think of artist as well as art in general. The style of work and designs he was able to come up with for homes, business buildings and structures is beyond belief. Just one look at his pieces or models from a distance and you see the artistic attribute he must have possessed in order to create something so astonishing. Frank Lloyd Wright although a well known architect is not know by many artists and your average college internet browser. This is why i wanted to share some of his work and who he was to the class so that others can enjoy the pier talent and artistic ability he had created in each of his buildings.