Friday, July 17, 2015

Valeriya Volkova

Valeriya Volkova is an artist I happened to stumble upon on reddit, and I fell in love with her work. Her art is cartoonlike and decorated with vivid colors. Most of her work is cheerful and funny, but at times can be dark, creepy, and nightmarish.  Her work is very abstract and fits together random objects, places and things into a surprisingly cohesive whole.  In some of her pieces, she almost has an MC Escher feel where tunnels and bridges and ledges all mash together nonsensically.

The subject of her work is extremely variable; cities, landscapes, portraits, beasts, flowers, and eclectic patterns. If you step back and look at one of her eclectic pieces as a whole the landscape may make sense, but as your eye travels across it and you can analyze the smaller details, you realize just how weird and wide her imagination is. She loves to design work especially to make people laugh, and will take requests online of her to make a painting off of a bunch of random things you enjoy:

Valeriya works as a graphic designer and children’s book illustrator in Philadelphia. Online, she presents her work in a very easy to browse fashion separated by type of subject presented in the piece. Her artwork is so fun and interesting that anyone is able to order large prints of her work or even her artwork on clothing.

On her main website, there is even a link to a page where you can dress a turquoise sasquatch named Francis (the sasquatch and all the clothing is her artwork).  Just for giggles.

I really enjoy her work because she is such a silly person. She makes art fun. She is so incredibly talented, and uses it to make people happy. Her artwork makes you see a new perspective to everyday life that you may not have otherwise.