Monday, July 13, 2015

Art Spiegelman

I recently learned about Art Spiegelman. He is married to his designer and editor Francoise Mouly.  Spiegelman is a cartoonist, most well known for his graphic novel "Maus". 

Maus follows Siegelman's father's tale through The Holocaust in concentration camps. The different cultures are represented as different animals in this graphic novel. In the graphic novel, readers can experience the "realness" of hearing a firsthand story about concentration camps, while having the buffer of cartoon images to help digest the story.

Spiegelman also inadvertently discusses how being in concentration camps affected the psyche of his father, and how that affected his own upbringing. There are several instances in which he has trouble dealing with his identity.  

"Maus" is the first graphic novel to ever win the Pulitzer Prize.

If you're interested in Art Spiegelman's work here is a link to his facebook page

Here is a more extensive biography, including video interviews, and other works by Art. 

Here is the link to where you can buy and read "Maus"