Tuesday, July 14, 2015



"Yellow Lines Flower Painter" by Banksy demonstrates the importance 
of breaking everyday norms to enhance personal growth and creativity.

Banksy is a graffiti and street artist that can be recognized world wide by his stencil and spray painted artwork. The subject matter of his art tends to be somewhat controversial with huge political and social influence. In the 1990's his edgy art work started showing up around England which caused his viewers to question current political and social movements. As his popularity spread, his pieces started spontaneously showing up around the globe including around Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, and the Middle-East. Possibly the most intriguing part about Banksy is that although widely famous, he chooses to remain anonymous and stay out of the spot light that his work has granted him. 

Complete biography about Banky's life and artwork.

His most famous pieces of art are pictured here.

Locations around the globe that you can view his street art in person.

I really enjoy his art because it uses simple imagery to create an impactful message. The symbolism he has developed causes everyday people who happen to stumble upon his art to think critically about how our society operates and what we could be doing differently. I believe an artist should cause people to think differently, critically, and expand our horizons. Banksy does just that. His art is successful because he uses ironic paintings to force us to question the world around us. I also really like the fact that he remains anonymous and does not want to reap the benefits of being a world renowned artist, but thinks that the message is more important than his personal fame.