Thursday, July 16, 2015

Laurence O'Keefe is the composer for my favorite musical: Legally Blonde the Musical. While most people who enjoy the movie Legally Blonde the movie are considered "uncultured" for enjoying that piece of 2000's pop culture, I would argue that the opposite is true of the musical. The movie emphasizes how blondes can do anything, while the musical emphasizes the same point but in an enjoyably sarcastic way. The key to the difference between the movie and musical is Laurence O'Keefe. If it wasn't for his witty lyrics and catchy tempos, I would not have looked twice at this musical. However, the storyline became much more enjoyable because of his songs. This link provides his history in composing and musical theater. This is a link to watch his most popular and my favorite musical, Legally Blonde the Musical. This link has information about the musical, such as synopsis and songs. This link has information about his first muscial, Bat Boy the Musical