Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Usher Raymond

Since the late 1990s, Usher Terry Raymond, also known as Usher has been a musical sensation. Usher has the whole package from being a popular singer, dancer and overall a great entertainer because from his catchy dance music “Yeah” to his slow jams, a number one hit called “Nice and slow”. His popular songs are for everyone to enjoy. The RIAA ranks Usher as one of best-selling artists in American history, selling over 23 million copies only in America. Born October 14, 1978 and born in Dallas, Texas. Even when Usher was at a young age, many of Usher’s family members noticed his musical talents and star quality. When Usher was nine he joined a church choir and later he joined an R&B quintet called NuBeginnings. Usher has produced five albums and recently produced his latest album called Raymond V. Raymond.

Usher music is also universal where many other generations can appreciate his work. I have seen many of the younger generation can enjoy the catchy beats and older generations who can also appreciate his work.

One reason why I think Usher is a memorable artist is because I grew up with his music, in the 1990s I listened to his slow jams of “Nice and Slow” and even now when I am in the gym his catchy dance music pumps me up to work out harder. Unlike many artists today, Usher is not just a new fad that will not be remembered in future generations; he is known as the king of R&B and will be remembered in future generations. is Usher’s official website. This website includes information about Usher’s career with his music and his personal life. There is also a subtitle to find out Usher’s current tour dates and a shop online to buy his merchandise.

This is Usher’s Facebook page. This Facebook page keeps up to date information of Usher through posting status updates. This Facebook page also has videos of Usher’s music and personal videos. This Facebook page is also linked to other networking sites such as Twitter.

This website shows Usher’s biography, a list of albums, and different TV shows he has been a guest star in. There is also a section of “trivia” that list random facts of Usher’s life. In the end of the page there is a section of personal quotes and a section on what he is doing now.