Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dale Chihuly

  is Dale's own website. From this site you can check out all of his latest works and exhibitions. The site even has some videos so you can get all different sorts of perspectives on his beautiful art.

           This website provides great information about Dave. It contains information about his life, where he grew up, etc.

           This article is a review of one of Dale's works. Really shows why Dale is a legend when it comes to the art of glass blowing. 

           The reason why I chose Dale to share to everyone is because his work is very beautiful and one of a kind. He truly is amazing at what he does and we may never see someone as good as him at glass blowing ever again. We are very lucky to have his artwork at display in downtown Seattle. If you have not gone to his exhibition yet I highly recommend it. His art is featured not just in Seattle, but all around the world. Showcasing in over 200 museums. He was born and raised in Tacoma. When asked why glass he said, "There are only a few translucent materials light can go through and glass is one of those. Imagine entering Chartres Cathedral and looking up at the Rose Window, where one can see a one-inch square of ruby red glass from 300 feet away. I have always been attracted to the way light passes through glass.  "