Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is an artist who I have grown up listening to. When you look him up online, typical country photos and topics come up. He is a country musician who has been around for years and years. The main reason I find Kenny compelling and why I enjoy his music so much is because it reminds me of summer nights at our cabin in Lake Chelan. The country music, sunshine and friends is what I think about when I hear Kenny. His music is also great road trip music, country music in general is what I enjoy the most. My whole family is a country music fan and I've noticed in Bellingham, there aren't a whole lot of country fans. It's fun and special when I get to listen to Kenny with people around me because I can't do that much in Bellingham.

This link tell you about Kenny's life, he often writes lyrics based on life events also.

Kenny has a "no shoes nation" campaign type of thing going on. He loves his fans and his homeland. This website has photos, tour information and all the promotion type of deals on it.

Kenny is an idol to so many people and has a lot of supportive fans. He is also known as a good looking country music artist and has gotten a bit of attention for it. Here's an article about fellow country music artists and their take on Kenny.