Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kevin Olusola

His Wikipedia page tells us that he has musical background in cello, beatboxing, saxophone, singing, and producing. He is most famous for inventing his musical combination of playing cello and beatboxing, what he terms “celloboxing.”

This video helps show the diverse musical background that Kevin has come from. Actually, before researching into him, I only knew that he played the cello, and was unaware that he also played the saxophone. This shows him at a younger age and playing at Carnage Hall and displays his classical background.

Kevin’s personal website displays his latest video recordings, where he’s been featured in the news, as well as info about him as an artist and his upcoming shows.

I guess I was inspired by the last post featuring Esperanza and got to thinking about an artist that I used to listen to quite frequently. Kevin Olusola is a cellist and beatboxer who combines these two forms of performance in an incredibly unique way. I first discovered him on YouTube after coming across the video, “Amazing Solo Cello Beatbox Combo.” I wasn’t sure if such a mix of classical and hip hop styles would mesh, but the beatboxing provides the bass and procession for the cello in a beautiful mixture. I think that the diversity of Kevin’s styles show how much you can do with music when you expand beyond pre-existing categories. He comes from a classical background; starting cello when he was six and then saxophone when he was ten and performing in concert halls. He then began singing and beatboxing in his band Pentatonix. It wasn’t until later that came up with this style of music, coining it “celloboxing” and performing solo songs ranging from top 40, to classical, to his own unique compositions. His variety is unlike anything I have ever heard before and I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do!