Friday, May 15, 2015

Misty Copeland

This is her official website. It is a tell-all about Misty Copeland. You can find out about her upcoming performances as well as read her biography and send her fan mail. 

This is her bio on American Ballet Theater’s website. Misty is currently a soloist for ABT. 

This is an online magazine article that is promoting Misty Copeland’s dance wear line. 

I chose Misty Copeland as an artist that I want to share with people not only because of her incredible talent, but because of her strength and poise. She does not fit the typical dancer type, yet she as achieved the highest level of work that a dancer can achieve. Misty Copeland is not stick thin like most professional ballerinas; she has a muscular build and is strong in her movements. Being a dancer, I feel that it is important for people to understand that you don’t have to be petite to be a ballerina, as Misty Copeland is the perfect example of this. Also, she's been the face of several campaigns and advertisements such as Under Armor and Dr. Pepper. She has been an inspiration for many dancers as well as non-dancers, maintaining her position as a soloist with American Ballet Theatre through her mid-30s. She has revived the world of dance and assimilated it with sports and other physical activities. Ballet has long been perceived as “old fashioned” or “boring” but Misty Copeland has made a new name for ballet as a modern form of entertainment that is more widely appreciated.