Monday, May 11, 2015

Fiona Apple

This website provides information on Fiona Apple's latest music, tour dates, official Fiona Apple merchandise, and ways to follow her on various sites.  Additionally, the website  consistently updates viewers on the latest and most interesting news that pertains to Fiona Apple.  This website is known to be the official Fiona Apple website from Sony Music and mostly provides information on Fiona Apple's whereabouts and latest music creations. 

This website offers a detailed biography of Fiona Apple.  It explains her journey with music as well as personal details.  In addition, this website offers a list of some important quotes from Fiona Apple, which gives the viewer some insight into who she is as a person.  This website also gives the viewer information on all of Fiona Apple's albums. 

This website has a profile of Fiona Apple based on a reporter's experience of hanging out with her.  The author writes from his perspective, but includes direct quotes from Fiona Apple too.  He also provides a very thorough description of his day with Fiona Apple, explains her personality, her thoughts on her music, and the meanings behind many of her songs.

When I first heard Fiona Apple's song Paper Bag I was blown away by her husky voice and jazz/ alternative rock style.  I had never listened to jazz or alternative rock much but Fiona Apple is the reason I started listening to both genres more.  Besides her amazing voice, Fiona Apple is talented in many other ways.  She is a singer-songwriter, pianist, and record producer who was classically trained on piano as a child.  Unlike many music artists today, Fiona Apple does not let others influence her vision for her music, which I think, is amazing.  Too often in today's music industry, musicians solely sing the song while other people write, compose, and produce their music.  Fiona Apple is a rare singer who does all these things successfully which I think is true talent.  In addition, all Fiona Apple's songs have a story or some significant meaning behind them, which makes her music very enjoyable to listen to because it evokes many emotions within me.  The more I learned about Fiona Apple, the more fascinated I was with her.  She had many issues growing up and knowing she was able to overcome those issues and use them to fuel her music passion amazes me and I have the utmost respect for her.